DSGVO konformer Cookie-Banner für Concrete5


A new add-on recently appeared on the Marketplace:
The Active Cookie Consent (ACC)

In order to operate a Concrete5 page in compliance with the GDPR, a cookie banner is required in which every visitor explicitly gives their consent to the use of cookies.
With ACC there is now such a tool with which you can easily manage your cookie banner.
6 popular trackers are already integrated and can be easily integrated:
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Matomo, E-Tracker, Facebook Pixel and Mouseflow.

ACC offers many customization options:
-texts, buttons, colors ... without messing around with the code!
-4 different templates for the front end: banner above, banner below, banner as popup / modal ...

2 themes support the add-on by default:
-Elemental (which is installed by default with Concrete5)
- Replica (free).
ACC is also supplied in German.
We have tested it on several sites and find it flawless.

In order to integrate YouTube and Google Maps Cookies GDPR compliant with the ACC, there is an additional module which can be downloaded for free on Github .

Click here for the Marketplace: